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Our Members

September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows highlights our members and their unique voices

Barry Amundson 2022.jpg

Barry Amundson

Brother of
Craig Amundson

Antonio Palo Alto Sep 2018.jpeg

Antonio Aversano

Son of Louis F. Aversano, Jr.

K Campbell Large.jpg

Kelly Campbell

Sister-in-Law of
Craig Amundson


Donald Charlebois

Brother of
David Charlebois

S Bodley Closeup Feb 2022.jpg

Sandra DeBella Bodley

Aunt of Deora Bodley

T Greene at NYC Retreat.jpg

Terry Greene

Sister of
Donald F. Greene

Cloudy Sky_edited.jpg

Patricio Grehan

Brother of
Pedro Grehan

Talat Hamdani.png

Talat Hamdani

Mother of
Salman Hamdani

D Hudder_edited_edited.jpg

Dianne Hudder

Sister of William Russell Peterson

CK in DC Dec 2021.jpg

Colleen Kelly

Sister of William
Hill Kelly Jr.

Robyn Blue Mountain 2009.jpg

Robyn B Donati

Daughter of Roberta Bernstein Heber

LJF 2011.png

Loretta Filipov

Wife of Al Filipov


Jim Fyfe

Father of Karleton D.B. Fyfe


Barb Fyfe

Mother of Karleton D.B. Fyfe

Emily 2021.jpg

Emily Grandcolas

Niece of Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas

Diqui LaPenta July 2014.png

Diqui LaPenta

Girlfriend  of
Rich Guadagno

Andrea Closeup at Int Conf.jpg

Andrea LeBlanc

Wife of
Robert LeBlanc


Eric Leinung

Stepbrother of
Paul Battaglia

Valerie 2013.png

Valerie Lucznikowska

Aunt of Adam Arias

Donnna M O'Connor.png

Donna Marsh O'Connor

Mother of
Vanessa Lang Langer

Nancy Dec 2019.png

Nancy Meyeer

Sister-in-Law of Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas


Elizabeth L. Miller

Daughter of FF Douglas C. Miller

AM 2010.png

Anne Mulderry

Mother of
Stephen Mulderry

Jessica Murphy.png

Jessica Murphy

Daughter of
Brian Murphy

Jessica Murphy 2022.jpg

Leila Murphy

Daughter of
Brian Murphy

Cloudy Sky_edited.jpg

Jessica Murrow

Wife of Stephen Adams

David 2021.jpeg

David Potorti

Brother of Jim Potorti


Ari Radcliffe-Greene

Nephew of
Donald F. Greene

TKR in DC.jpg

Terry Kay Rockefeller

Sister of Laura Rockefeller

Phyllis at NYC Retreat _edited.png

Phyllis  Rodriguez

Mother of Greg Rodriguez


Julia Rodriguez

Sister of
Greg Rodriguez


Aidan Salamone

Son of John Patrick Salamone

Cloudy Sky_edited.jpg

Wright Salisbury

Father of Ted Hennessy, Jr.



Niece of FF Dennis Scauso

Karen 1.JPG

Karen Shea

Cousin of Stephen Tighe

Bill Closeup.jpg

Bill Tammeus

Uncle of Karleton Fyfe


John Titus

Father of Alicia Titus

Alissa June 2018.png

Alissa Torres

Wife of Eddie Torres


Bruce Wallace

Uncle of Mitch Wallace

Cloudy Sky_edited.jpg

William H Warrick III MD

Uncle of Meta Warrick Fuller Waller

Adele Welty 2012.png

Adele Welty

Mother of
Timothy M. Welty

Cloudy Sky_edited.jpg

Gloria Williams

Sister-in-Law of
Vernon Cherry

Cloudy Sky_edited.jpg

Are you a 9/11 family member interested in joining?

Cloudy Sky_edited.jpg

Are you a 9/11 family member interested in joining?

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