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Jessica and Leila Murphy

Daughters of Brian Murphy

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Jessica Murphy

I first discovered Peaceful Tomorrows after reading an op-ed titled “Guantánamo is Delaying Justice for 9/11 Families” written by Julia Rodriguez. Prior to reading that article, I had no idea there was a community of likeminded family members of victims, and I was thrilled to meet others who have a shared loss and also hold similar moral and political beliefs. My father worked in the North Tower of the World Trade Center and was killed on September 11, 2001, when I was five years old. In recent years, I have struggled to reconcile the tragedy of my dad’s death with the many atrocities committed by the government in the name of national security. I am interested in working towards peaceful solutions to conflict, particularly in the Middle East, and I look forward to working alongside other PT members. 

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Leila Murphy

I learned about September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows after reading Julia Rodriguez’s article about Guantánamo in the NY Times in November 2018.I was excited to join a community of people who are committed to using their loss to spread a message of peace. My father worked for Cantor Fitzgerald, and was killed in the attacks. I was very young in 2001, so I’ve only recently become aware of the extent of the hateful rhetoric and actions that were inspired (or justified) by the attacks. I hope to learn more about Peaceful Tomorrows’ Rule of Law campaign and action in support of closing Guantánamo. I want to turn my loss into action, and use my perspective to advance a message of justice and peace. I am currently a senior and study Ethics, Politics, and Economics.


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