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February 2022 Newsletter

Turning 20 and Going Strong #valentine2022

To mark our 20th birthday, we have arranged a special online screening of an extraordinary documentary for all of our members and supporters: Mission Joy. Mission Joy— Finding Happiness in Troubled Times is a documentary with unprecedented access to the unlikely friendship of two international icons who transcend religion: His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Starting on February 12 and through February 14 you will have access to view the film online. A special access URL link will be sent to you next week.


"I was six years old when I lost my dad, Douglas Miller on 9/11. I experienced a terrible loss, but what followed was years of human rights abuses carried out in the name of our loved ones, without our consultation. The Guantánamo Bay Detention Center will always represent a place, tarnished by torture and the absence of the rule of law. Twenty years later, it is time to change course and finally close the prison. " Elizabeth Miller

"I think there's a lot family members still want answers for that we haven't gotten, and a lot of that is due to the fact that the Military Commissions are just so slow, and the process is just not and has never been designed to deliver justice." Leila Murphy "January 11 is a day when many of us will be hoping, yet again, that Guantánamo can be closed. But by and large, when people think about Guantánamo as they should, they think about the hundreds of men who were detained and those who remain there, especially those who were detained without charge, which is a violation of law." Terry Kay Rockefeller



Bloomsburg University's series related to the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and produced in partnership with WVIA concludes with a webcast. On Wednesday, February 23, at 5pm EST a discussion about "Recovery from 9/11, Twenty Years After: In Need of Restorative Justice" will feature defense-victim advocate Tammy Krause as well as PT members Elizabeth Miller and Terry K. Rockefeller.

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