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June 2024 Newsletter

 "I feel like I've said this 20,000 times, but I'm really feeling this now...  I don't know that there will be ever a trial. I've never felt --  I've never questioned it as strongly as I am now." 


 Colleen Kelly addresses the 9/11 pretrial hearings in the Serial podcast 


Serial Season Four, the renowned podcast owned by the New York Times, focused on all things Guantánamo. Most importantly, it profiled Peaceful Tomorrows' years of advocacy for plea agreements in the 9/11 case. Agreements would include guilty pleas and detailed confessions by the men charged with planning and supporting the attacks of September 11, 2001, in exchange for removing the death penalty. Serial’s podcasts have set records, with listenership in the hundreds of millions.

Episode 9 which was released on May 16 focused on victim family members and the plea negotiations that were initiated by the 9/11 prosecution attorneys in March of 2022. Although a proposed agreement was later rejected by the Biden Administration in 2023, J. Connell, defense counsel for 9/11 defendant Ammar al-Baluchi, describes plea negotiations as “sleeping - not in a coma - sleeping." Peaceful Tomorrows continues to advocate for plea agreements as a way to achieve judicial finality in the 9/11 case. These agreements would provide stipulations of fact, finally answering families’ questions concerning the who, what, where, when, and why of the 9/11 attacks. 

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