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September 2022 Newsletter

Using Our Voice To Advocate For Empathy And Humanitarianism

As a younger family member of a 9/11 victim, September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows (PT) was not always on my radar. But in the past year, I found the organization as I followed the cases of 9/11 families suing for billions of Afghan central bank funds. PT members were among the foremost voices in the media speaking out against these lawsuits and for the just return of these funds to the Afghan people. I knew my time had come to join these voices and their mission.

My father, John Patrick Salamone, worked for Cantor Fitzgerald and died on 9/11 in the World Trade Center. I joined PT because as long as 9/11 family members have a political voice in this country, we should be using it to advocate for empathy and humanitarianism, not destructive security practices. Closing the Guantánamo detention center, ensuring the return of Afghan central bank funds to Afghans, and speaking out against racist or Islamophobic practices are among PT's goals I care most about. And in less than one year with the organization, I have worked closely with the Afghanistan committee fighting for the return of funds, sat on calls about the status of Guantánamo trials and the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) repeal, as well as met tremendously dedicated people.

The shared connection with those other dedicated members - all of whom have experienced traumatic loss but have dedicated themselves to building a more peaceful world - is the greatest gift the organization has given me. My father John had a bright spirit and a ferocious belief in doing what was right. Although I was young, the hate and destruction of post-9/11 policy were not lost on me. To be part of an organization of people that have been taking the lead in combating hatred and destruction for decades, fills me with pride. But the fight against post-9/11 intolerance is unfortunately still ongoing. Now, more than ever, we must speak out against violent actions and hateful speech. It is our goal that no one anywhere will be a victim or a family member to a victim of violence. In these efforts we are sincerely grateful for your ongoing support.

Please consider a donation. With your support, we will continue towards more peaceful tomorrows.

In Peace,

Aidan Salamone, Son of John Patrick Salamone

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