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March 2022 Newsletter

Join To Unfreeze Afghanistan

9/11 Families Say: Afghan Central Bank Funds Belong to Afghans

President Biden: We all lost loved ones on September 11th and call upon you to release the Afghan Central Bank funds to the Afghan people. This is their money, not ours.

In The Media:

"The identity of being a 9/11 victim is something I've tried to avoid because people assume victims want all these harsh outcomes. I was at Guantánamo viewing pretrial hearings of those accused of planning the attacks,...we were seen as victims that the prosecution wanted on their side, and they wanted the death penalty." Leila Murphy

"I think the Biden administration should have been more courageous and said that it was their position that this was not Taliban money and they would get it to the Afghan people." Terry Rockefeller

"The suffering of the Afghan people at the hands of the United States and its allies is reprehensible. This is adding insult to injury....why don’t we Americans have a clear idea of the privilege that we have in this country? I cannot imagine living in a war-torn country where there’s constant devastation and loss of life." Phyllis Rodriguez

"I can’t think of a worse betrayal of the people of Afghanistan than to freeze their assets and give it to 9/11 families. While 9/11 families are seeking justice for their loss through these suits, I fear that the end result of seizing this money will be to cause further harm to innocent Afghans who have already suffered greatly.” Barry Amundson

September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows member, Iryna Muha, a Ukrainian musician living in England, reports with great anguish. Many of her family are now scattered as refugees separated from those who remain in the Ukraine. Iryna recommends contacting the Ukrainian Institutes located across the world that are distributing various resources. PLEASE USE CARE in clicking on donation links as Russia has a history of cyber attacks.

Our New Project Director

We welcome Elizabeth Miller into the role of Project Director. Liz brings many years of working in a nonprofit environment to this position and we look forward as she shares her vision and leadership skills. CLICK HERE to get to Liz's member profile. Ingoing and outgoing Project Directors will work closely together during the transition to assure that the knowledge gained is being passed on and to ensure the well being of our organization.

We are so thankful for the many years of Terry Greene's commitment and unconditional support to September Eleventh Families of Peaceful Tomorrows.

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