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Judge Decides That Afghan Central Bank Funds Cannot Be Awarded to 9/11 Family Lawsuits

Peaceful Tomorrows celebrates judge’s decision that Afghan central bank funds cannot be awarded to 9/11 family lawsuits

September 11th family members applauded Judge Daniels’ decision this week which concludes that Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) funds can not be seized by 9/11 lawsuits. Members of September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows said they were pleased to see the judge’s clear decision that the courts lacked legal jurisdiction and that awarding the funds to 9/11 families would be unconstitutional.

Peaceful Tomorrows sent a letter to President Biden on August 16th, 2022 imploring him to reverse his decision to “split the baby” and leave half of the Afghan central bank funds available for 9/11 lawsuits. The letter stated: These suits, and the legal claims involved, are complex. But these arguments are founded on a false premise. This money does not belong to the Taliban. This money comes from Afghanistan’s central bank, and as such, it belongs to the Afghan people. Victims of terrorism, including 9/11 victims, are entitled to their day in court. But they are not entitled to money that lawfully belongs to the Afghan people.

Peaceful Tomorrows is encouraged by this judge’s decision and hopes it means that the funds will be made available quickly to stabilize and reinforce Afghanistan’s economy. We will keep working with our partners in the Unfreeze Afghanistan movement to ensure that all Afghan central bank money is returned to the people of Afghanistan.

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