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February 2024 Newsletter

Seeking Justice Since 2002:

 Rule of Law Committee: 


 Guantánamo at 22 The Detention Facility on the Guantánamo Bay Naval Base turned 22 on January 11th and the anniversary was observed at hundreds of protests and vigils worldwide. In New York City, Peaceful Tomorrows' Jessica Murphy was a featured speaker. We joined nearly 100 other NGO’s calling on President Biden to keep his promise finally close Guantanamo permanently

For members of Peaceful Tomorrows, the past year saw a major setback in the 9/11 military commission, when our hopes for a plea agreement in the case were dashed. For detainees and former detainees, it was also a difficult time. While the number of men remaining at Guantánamo has dwindled to 30, there is a growing awareness of the enormity of the ongoing damages and human rights violations the 780 Muslim men and boys who were or are imprisoned at Guantánamo face, even after their release. Most egregious has been the continuing failure to transfer the 16 men who have been cleared for release, the overwhelming majority of whom have been held for more than two decades without charge.

Increasingly, however, activists and human rights advocates are learning of the profound challenges men face after Guantánamo, which can be particularly difficult if one is relocated to a country other than where he was initially from. These men are often unable to find work, they struggle with housing, may have no access to medical care (and many of them have severe health challenges after the torture and hunger strikes that they experienced). Read more about “Another Lost Year on Guantánamo” from two of our colleagues in the Human Rights and Security coalition that our Rule of Law Committee works with. You may also be interested in watching the webinar, “Guantánamo, Where Do We Go From Here?” that explores many issues that must be addressed to provide accountability for the wrongs, harms and violations of law that took place over the last 22 years.

Please contact Rule of Law Committee Chair, Terry K. Rockefeller at with any further questions you might have.

PT member, Jessica Murphy, spoke on January 11, 2024 in NYC. Here is an excerpt from her speech:

 "... My trip to Guantánamo confirmed my suspicions that the legal charades taking place — for over 16 years with no end in sight — were no substitute for justice. I saw firsthand that in addition to representing one of the major human rights abuses of our generation, the torture enacted by our government actually delayed and ultimately prevented any meaningful opportunity for justice or accountability for 9/11 victims...." 


 CLICK HERE to read the entire speech.


 Shireen Shakouri (see photo above) newly joined PT. She remarks:

 "I have been continually impressed by the bottomless capacity for compassion, moral clarity and authority, and hard-won expertise found among the ranks of September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows.As an Iranian-American and the niece of a fallen WTC firefighter, this is the 9/11 family community I would have loved to have since 9/12. I am grateful for this group’s advocacy, experience, intelligence, and perseverance through the years, and proud to be a small part of their vision for the future."      

CLICK HERE to learn more about Shireen.   

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