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I often ponder the mystery of life and this journey I’m on. Even though I am but a finite being trying to understand the Infinite, it is vitally important to… Read more »

John Titus Goes to Italy to Meet with Peacemakers and Students

John Titus is a steering committee member of Peaceful Tomorrows. He lost his daughter, Alicia, on September 11th. Gianvito Padula, representing the Associazione Comunit

John Titus: Remarks on Global Peace Day

Throughout my life, I’ve always been in awe of the mystery of life’s journey. I relate to the Lakota concept of God (Wankan Tanka) or Great Mystery. Life abounds with… Read more »

John Titus: Peacemaking in a Troubled World

I stand in front of you this morning with a humble heart and a message of peace, forgiveness and reconciliation; a peace borne of the pain and sadness of losing… Read more »

John Titus Department of Peace Speech

This speech was adapted and delivered by John Titus at the nondenominational church service on Sunday, September 11, 2005, for the Department of Peace Conference at the L’Enfant Hotel in… Read more »

John Titus: A Grieving Father’s Hope for Peace

I write this letter with sadness in my heart and with a hope that we the people of the United States of America can overcome our differences, put aside our… Read more »

Titus Speaks in DC

September 11, 2005 Peaceful Tomorrows’ John Titus speaks at a nondenominational service on Sunday, September 11th as well as a Congressional briefing at the Capitol on the afternoon September 14… Read more »

THE TIME IS NOW: Connecting for Peace, Justice and Change.

Shane Claiborne:The Gospel of Rutba? Hear the amazing story of Muslim kindness & compassion of Iraqi doctors who saved lives of Americans after an auto accident in 2003 while US… Read more »

9/11 Anniversary Panel Discussion

September 2006 Bev and John Titus, Marilyn Rosenthal and Andrea LeBlanc participate in a 9/11 Anniversary panel discussion that is televised in Ann Arbor, MI.

Starting Over

September 11, 2011 Starting Over Compelled by the life-changing events of the attack, some charted unexpected new courses By Rita Price – The Columbus Dispatch View at: For most… Read more »

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